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Updated: 46 min 51 sec ago

UK government opens consultation on medic-style register for Brit infosec pros

1 hour 34 min ago
Are you competent? Ethical? Welcome to UKCSC's new list

Frustrated at lack of activity from the "standard setting" UK Cyber Security Council, the government wants to pass new laws making it into the statutory regulator of the UK infosec trade.…

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Yes, your data is special. But do you know how special?

4 hours 18 min ago
Join this webinar, open your ears, and learn about data visibility

Webinar  You know your data is unlike anyone else’s. But do you know exactly what makes it different?…

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Twitter's top security staff out after incoming CEO shakes things up

11 hours 42 min ago
Plus: Nigerian BEC gang bust, NSO woes, and more

In brief  Twitter's head of security and CISO both ejected from the social media biz this month.…

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Hive View security camera customers left in the dark as some gear goes TITSUP*

Mon, 24/01/2022 - 14:21
Devices of the affected seem intent on going into the light

Customers of Centrica-owned Hive are reporting problems with their cameras, with many complaining the devices have packed up, some after a few years of operation and others after mere days.…

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Myanmar's military junta seeks ban on VPNs and digital currency

Mon, 24/01/2022 - 07:02
People would no longer be able to rely on VPNs for their preferred communication tool, Facebook

Myanmar's military junta has floated a cyber security law that would ban the use of virtual private networks, under penalty of imprisonment and/or fines, leaving digital rights organisations concerned about the effects of further closing the country off digitally to the outside world.…

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Australian Prime Minister's WeChat Shanghaied by Chinese patriots

Mon, 24/01/2022 - 04:58
Beijing blamed for change from campaign outreach to … a guide for expats?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's WeChat account has been taken over by entities that have rebranded it "Australian Chinese new life" and used the account to offer advice on living in Australia for the nation's Chinese community.…

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Apple preps fix for Safari's web-history-leaking IndexedDB privacy bug

Fri, 21/01/2022 - 22:56
Disclosure of WebKit flaw appears to have prodded iBiz to undertake repairs

Apple is preparing to repair a bug in its WebKit browser engineer that has been leaking data from its Safari 15 browser at least since the problem was reported last November.…

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Arm rages against the insecure chip machine with new Morello architecture

Fri, 21/01/2022 - 18:21
Prototypes now available for testing

Arm has made available for testing prototypes of its Morello architecture, aimed at bringing features into the design of CPUs that provide greater robustness and make them resistant to certain attack vectors. If it performs as expected, it will likely become a fundamental part of future processor designs.…

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Why should I pay for that security option? Hijacking only happens to planes

Fri, 21/01/2022 - 08:30
But if I give him my bank details, I'll be rich!

On Call  Friday is here. We'd suggest an adult beverage or two to celebrate, but only if you BYOB. While you fill your suitcase, may we present an episode of On Call in which a reader saves his boss from a dunking.…

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UK, Australia, to build 'network of liberty that will deter cyber attacks before they happen'

Fri, 21/01/2022 - 08:02
Enhanced 'Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership' will transport crime to harsh penal regime on the other side of the world

The United Kingdom and Australia have signed a Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership that will, among other things, transport criminals to a harsh penal regime on the other side of the world.…

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Japan's Supreme Court rules cryptojacking scripts are not malware

Fri, 21/01/2022 - 06:58
Coinhive-slinger wins on appeal

A man found guilty of using the Coinhive cryptojacking script to mine Monero on users' PCs while they browsed the web has been cleared by Japan's Supreme Court on the grounds that crypto mining software is not malware.…

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Russia's Putin out the idea of a broad cryptocurrency ban

Fri, 21/01/2022 - 04:57
Central bank worries that block-bucks reduce government control and are used by crims

Russia has floated the prospect of Putin a ban on cryptocurrencies.…

Categories: News now says someone tried to drain $34m from hundreds of accounts

Thu, 20/01/2022 - 22:29
Won't reveal net loss, says it stopped some withdrawals and has reimbursed those who had funds taken on Thursday said in a roundabout way that an unidentified person stole or attempted to steal as much as $34m in cryptocurrency from customer accounts.…

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You're not a fan of Microsoft's Pluton TPM chip? Lenovo won't switch it on by default

Thu, 20/01/2022 - 20:44
Computer users can disable it and install Linux as normal. Just sayin'

PCs coming out this year with Microsoft's integrated Pluton security chip won't be locked down to Windows 11, and users will have the option to turn off the feature completely and install, say, Linux as normal, we understand.…

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UK mulls making MSPs subject to mandatory security standards where they provide critical infrastructure

Thu, 20/01/2022 - 17:15
And to pay for the privilege. Consultation's open, though

Small and medium-sized managed service providers (MSPs) could find themselves subject to the Network and Information Systems Regulations under government plans to tighten cybersecurity laws – and have got three months to object to the tax hikes that will follow.…

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Privacy is for paedophiles, UK government seems to be saying while spending £500k demonising online chat encryption

Thu, 20/01/2022 - 15:06
So far we've got a pisspoor video and... er, that's it

Opinion  The British government's PR campaign to destroy popular support for end-to-end encryption on messaging platforms has kicked off, under the handle "No Place To Hide", and it's as broad as any previous attack on the safety-guaranteeing technology.…

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'Now' would be the right time to patch Ubuntu container hosts and ditch 21.04 thanks to heap buffer overflow bug

Thu, 20/01/2022 - 14:38
Red Hat agrees

The CVE-2022-0185 vulnerability in Ubuntu is severe enough that Red Hat is also advising immediate patching.…

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NortonLockLife and Avast tie-up falls under UK competition regulator's spotlight

Thu, 20/01/2022 - 11:03
CMA invites comments from 'interested parties' on what merger means to them

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority has invited comments from industry and interested parties about NortonLifeLock's proposed $8bn purchase of fellow infosec outfit Avast.…

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Red Cross forced to shutter family reunion service following cyberattack and data leak

Thu, 20/01/2022 - 07:58
Director-general pleads with cyber-scum: leave this data alone, because the people involved have suffered enough

Humanitarian organization the International Red Cross disclosed this week that it has fallen foul of a cyberattack that saw the data of over 515,000 "highly vulnerable people" exposed to an unknown entity.…

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Being “Threat-Led” is the answer. Your ISO certificate won’t save you from a breach!

Thu, 20/01/2022 - 07:30
The Vectra Masked CISO series gives security leaders a place to expose the biggest issues in security and advise peers on how to overcome them.

Advertorial  I’ve seen it countless times. Another CISO walks into a board meeting and muddles through stats showing their compliance status. Great, you’re 75% compliant with ISO 27001, but what does this tell anyone about their level of risk?…

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