Organisations concerned that complexity could undo their cyber security efforts

It seems that few businesses around the world are in any real doubt about the importance of cyber security, not least given one recent market report that indicated more than $1 trillion would be spent on it between 2017 and 2021. But could organisations remain highly vulnerable to rising cyber crime even in the light of such heavy expenditure?

Worries about glaring security gaps

That is certainly the indication of another recent global study produced by Citrix and Ponemon Institute. It found that while businesses were expected to spend greatly on security over the coming year, 83% of respondents claimed to have been left vulnerable by the complexity of business and IT operations.

The other findings of the survey made clear the depth of worries about critical security gaps among those polled, with 64% stating they had no way to reduce the inherent risks of managed data. 71% said they were unable to control employees’ devices and applications, while 76% considered the integration of third parties into internal networks and applications to be a huge risk factor.

Nor did the respondents seem to have impeccable faith in the technologies they had previously used, with 70% of them claiming to have made security investments they were unable to deploy. The same proportion reported being stuck with outdated and inadequate security solutions.

Sometimes, it’s smart spending that is the key

If such findings as these should indicate anything to all manner of organisations here in the UK, it is surely that spending the right money, rather than the most money, is what is truly important.
Of course, not all organisations are necessarily very technically-minded, and it may therefore be difficult for them to identify the moves they need to make to help safeguard the security of their IT infrastructure. May we therefore suggest penetration testing?

Here at Sec-Tec, we are highly experienced and adept at undertaking penetration testing for organisations encompassing a wide range of types and locations. Our expertise in the likes of Public Sector Network (PSN) health checks, infrastructure security assessments, Wi-Fi security assessments and even VoIP security assessments places us in the right position to determine the right testing processes for your own firm.

At the end of the penetration testing assignment, we will even produce a hand-drafted report that is designed to be understandable for both technical and executive readers in your organisation. Why not get in touch with our professionals today about how we can assist in plugging your firm’s security vulnerabilities for less than you might presume?