What IT security measures should your firm keep using – and which ones should you retire?

The security of your organisation’s IT infrastructure should always be one of its uppermost priorities. However, the need to practise certain security measures not just now and then, but repeatedly on a consistent basis can lead you to continue using them long after they have ceased to be truly useful. Meanwhile, it can also be so easy to become jaded by the latest security headlines that you may overlook practices you need to adopt right now.

Software patches, passwords and employee training are all key frontiers

With research last year indicating that six in 10 security vulnerabilities could have been eradicated if straightforward security updates had been applied, it has never been more important to invest time and money in keeping your company’s systems up to date. You should have every part of your IT infrastructure habitually inspected to guard against vulnerabilities, while using the latest patches from vendors to ensure the continued robustness of your systems.

Bad password practices are also frequently to blame for IT data breaches, with the repeated use of the same password across multiple devices a particularly perilous habit for your employees to have. Stolen login details can be used to gain access to email and other vital accounts, with the risks all the greater given the tendency for modern workers to log into many different services every day. Even just getting each of your employees to change one or two of their passwords every day can do a great amount to boost their and your firm’s security.

Nor should your company underestimate the considerable value of regular cyber security training sessions for its staff, which will empower them to practise safe habits in an ever-more complex landscape of cyber security threats. Your employees should be not only as aware as possible of the present risks out there, but also knowledgeable as to how they can be avoided.

Penetration testing can play an extremely important role

When your business wishes to undertake the penetration testing that will do much to help you pinpoint where your infrastructure is most susceptible to attack and how such areas of weakness can be best remedied, here at Sec-Tec, we are available at the other end of the phone.

Talk now to our team about how we can carry out the penetration testing that will represent the finest possible security investment for your organisation when wishing to protect itself against the many current, emerging and wide-ranging threats of today.